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Make your customers enjoy the food in your restaurant and the quality and speed of service.

Since a few years ago, and especially with the arrival of the pandemic in March 2020, establishments have undergone a digital transformation, based on technology to attract and retain customers.

Pulsayvoy aims to significantly improve the customer service experience in businesses, as well as the work efficiency of employees. In this article we will talk about pagers for the catering sector.

Press the buzzer and reduce waiting time.

One of the main features of the Pulsayvoy’s beacons is that the customer service experience in restaurants, as well as the working efficiency of its employees. Taking as a reference the usual use that can be made of these devices within a restaurant, we could use the following example to understand, more clearly, what functions the Pulsayvoy noisemaker fulfils in the restaurant sector:

  • The customer can order a drink, change the order or request the bill by simply pushing a button on the personalised buzzer. All this is done silently and unnoticed.
  • After receiving this warning through the watch locator, the waiter, staff and/or manager will be able to satisfy the customer’s need.

Similarly, another of Pulsayvoy’s devices allows you to record the notifications in order to measure the times that staff take to respond to the notifications received, as well as the room staff can also receive the notification from the kitchen, where they are informed that they have to pick up an order.

Thanks to the implementation of this type of warning devices in the restaurant sector, it has been possible to give added value to the establishments and a personalised and exclusive service for customers, who value very positively this plus that is given to them in the service.