Restaurant waiter alerter

Increase the productivity of your business and reduce your customers’ waiting times with PulsayVoy’s waiter pagers.

Our waiters’ announcers make the work of supervisors, maîtres and waiters’ assistants much easier.

In addition to the quality of the dishes they are going to eat, restaurant customers are looking for personalised, careful and fast service.

With our devices we can create links in the different departments of our restaurant to interconnect them and simplify the work process as much as possible.

From the customers at the table and those waiting, through the waiters and managers to the kitchen and management, all sections can be connected and increase interaction and speed of movement and decision making.

With our table pagers, customers can ask us to replenish any of the products they are consuming and even ask us for the bill when they want to leave.

The kitchen and bar can be connected to the waiters and waitresses to alert them when orders are ready. We can even customise the alarms to call a specific waiter or bar manager.

With our customer queue alerter, we will measure the waiting times they have to endure in order to try to improve them and customers will know when their table or even their food is ready.

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Make your customers enjoy the food in your restaurant and the quality and speed of service.

Since a few years ago, and especially with the arrival of the pandemic in March 2020, establishments have undergone a digital transformation, based on technology to attract and retain customers.

Pulsayvoy aims to significantly improve the customer service experience in businesses, as well as the work efficiency of employees. In this article we will talk about pagers for the catering sector.

Press the buzzer and reduce waiting time.

One of the main features of the Pulsayvoy’s beacons is that the customer service experience in restaurants, as well as the working efficiency of its employees. Taking as a reference the usual use that can be made of these devices within a restaurant, we could use the following example to understand, more clearly, what functions the Pulsayvoy noisemaker fulfils in the restaurant sector:

  • The customer can order a drink, change the order or request the bill by simply pushing a button on the personalised buzzer. All this is done silently and unnoticed.
  • After receiving this warning through the watch locator, the waiter, staff and/or manager will be able to satisfy the customer’s need.

Similarly, another of Pulsayvoy’s devices allows you to record the notifications in order to measure the times that staff take to respond to the notifications received, as well as the room staff can also receive the notification from the kitchen, where they are informed that they have to pick up an order.

Thanks to the implementation of this type of warning devices in the restaurant sector, it has been possible to give added value to the establishments and a personalised and exclusive service for customers, who value very positively this plus that is given to them in the service.

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The Digital Charter: What are the benefits for your hospitality business?

Renobar: Secure communication of your products to your customers

The integration of the digital menu in hospitality businesses is a very necessary situation in today’s pandemic times, not only because of this situation, but also because you offer convenience and security to your customers, as well as value-added services, which we will list below.

The use of the digital menu is very easy and intuitive, both for your hospitality business and for your customers, as in addition to reducing the explanatory time of the products you offer, customers can have photos of these products in the palm of their hand in an interactive and accessible way.

The waiters’ job will be made much easier when it comes to explaining what each dish is like, as well as helping them to generate cross-sales arising from the customer’s desire to try new options.

Why should you include the Digital Charter in your business?

  • Because it is the trend of the future, and your customer needs it.
  • Because the amortisation of the investment takes between 1.5 and 3 months.
  • Because customers want to see the product they are going to buy.
  • Because sight is the most powerful sales tool in the world.
  • Because your turnover will increase proportionally to the benefit you get from the application.
  • Because you can share your profile as a restaurant in an unlimited way via internet, social networks and mobile.


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Warning systems specially designed for nursing homes and geriatrics

Devices that are vitally important for the safety of our elderly

At PulsayVoy we have always considered that the care of our elderly has to be carried out in the best conditions.

That is why we believe that products or services that facilitate their working conditions are really necessary.

For this reason, we are transferring our know-how to the residential and geriatric sector with these two wireless warning systems.

These systems greatly facilitate communication between the different departments of the centre and the patients.

Wireless system

In this wireless beeper, the staff of the geriatric centre or residence receives the call notice on a pager, which indicates the number of the room, bathroom or any type of common area.

Anti-panic accessories for residences

High-tech wireless system for the prevention of risk situations in hospitals, clinics, psychiatric hospitals, etc. by means of an anti-panic button to alert security personnel.

Fast, economical and effective communication between doctors, assistants, etc. and the health centre’s security post or checkpoint.

Ease of use and installation adapted to the use in the residences and geriatric centres adapted to each case. As a guarantee, we offer direct advice to your staff during the implementation of the system in your facilities and technical support to solve your needs.


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Wireless Signal Devices for Industry

The warning system that improves efficiency on production lines

Our product is an innovative alarm sending and receiving system specially designed for industries and warehouses. It is completely wireless, does not require any type of wiring or work.

It has a software for recording and statistics of the alarms received. The installation of the PulsayVoy system will facilitate production processes and substantially improve customer service.

We will now show you a list of the devices of which the system is composed:

Functional diagram

The Pulsayvoy system is an efficient wireless and portable alarm system that is easy to install and very cheap. It covers the entire industrial or storage area.

When the operator activates any of the system’s wireless accessories, such as the wireless button, emergency alarm, etc. the locator receiver alerts the factory or warehouse personnel by means of an audible signal and/or vibration.

The section, line, operator, or any other accessory number that has been programmed and that has generated the alarm will appear on the screen.

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Wireless customer notification system

Queue management system with smartphone charger

The Pulsayvoy queue management system is a wireless, efficient and high performance system. The client receives a disk with a number assigned to his table, waiting room, seat, etc. When his turn comes, the disc vibrates and beeps to let him know that he can be served.

Each disc, in addition to having a strong and rigid outer casing that has passed hundreds of impact tests, is a hybrid device that in addition to being a locator is also a charger for Smartphones, so your client can charge his phone while waiting for his turn. Great, isn’t it? In addition, if one of the locator discs is out of range or comes out the door, the system warns with an anti-lost or theft alarm.

Wireless warning system with warning discs

Differentiate yourself from your competitors with an avant-garde and modern system, which will make the wait for your customers more enjoyable

Devices that make up the warning system


By means of the main terminal we carry out in a very simple and intuitive way the call to the client when his turn comes, the assignment of numbers to the locator discs as well as the programming of the loading time for Smartphones of the locator discs and other characteristics.


The locator disk is given to the customer, assigning him a number. When his turn comes, he vibrates and beeps. It also tells the customer the remaining charge time for his smartphone. The maximum charging time is 30 minutes, but this feature can be modified to be more or less time.


The discs are stacked in the loading tower as they are delivered by the customers, so they are self-recharging and can be delivered again to a new customer.


Cada disco cuenta con una salida mini usb con conectores de carga para todo tipo de Smartphones: Android, IOS, Tipo C, etc. El cliente puede solicitar el cable correspondiente a su Smartphone.

Manage your customers’ expectations, increase your sales, be different.


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From customer to waiter

PULSAYVOY presents a high technology wireless system that eliminates the existing communication obstacles in the service sector, which tends to offer the best in customer relations.

The PULSAYVOY wireless system allows fast, economical and effective communication between managers, employees, workers, assistants and any professional service sector that requires high quality responses.

Pulsayvoy allows you to innovate and promote your hospitality business effectively, increasing customer satisfaction in an entertaining and efficient way.

Our system is easy to use and covers a wide range of applications, adapted to each case. As a guarantee, we offer direct advice to your staff during the implementation of the system in your facilities and technical support to solve your needs.

The PULSAYVOY standby management system is a wireless, efficient and high performance device. The client receives a pager with a number assigned to his table, seat on the terrace, etc. When his turn comes, the pager vibrates and beeps indicating that he can be attended to. It can also be used as a mobile phone charger while the customer is waiting.

This is how Pulsayvoy Catering works


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PulsayVoy in front of the Covid-19

Our society is living a difficult time during the year 2020 caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, which continues to grow stronger in a second wave of outbreaks this summer, which makes the health sector is preparing again in the adequacy of its facilities and increase its qualified personnel.

Our wireless hospital warning system is specially designed for the prevention of risk situations, where at the touch of an anti-panic button we can alert the hospital security personnel.

Our system allows for clean, fast, economical and effective communication between doctors, nurses, assistants and the hospital control station. We give immediate and safe response in moments of high work pressure for our professionals, so that their objectives are met by limiting their exposure to the virus.

Professionals will always be in touch with our locator clock, which covers a wide range of applications adapted to each particular case. We implement the system in the facilities and give technical support to solve the needs of the hospital.

This is how PulsayVoy Hospitals works

  1. In the event of a risk situation, the staff of the centre presses the button located in an easily accessible place, within the consulting room, reception, common area, etc.
  2. The warning arrives instantly at the control station and the pager carried by the security personnel, indicating the number from which the alarm is being generated.
  3. The alerts are recorded in the alarm management software located in the control station.

We invite you to contact us and we will help you by giving you personalized advice and support.

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Cines Yelmo implanta Pulsayvoy

Cines Yelmo, ha implantado recientemente en sus nuevas salas Luxury, el sistema Pulsayvoy de aviso inalambrico a camareros. Yelmo Luxury se trata del primer cine de lujo en Europa que incluye butacas reclinables y servicio de restaurante.

Equipadas con butacas reclinables, mesas y servicio de restauración, estas nuevas salas son pioneras en España y en Europa. “Es un proyecto muy innovador en Europa, pero que está presente en México desde hace 20 años. Tenemos 400 salas de estas características a nivel mundial”, explica Samuel Bolaños, director Comercial de Yelmo Cines en España.

Las salas cuentan con un servicio de restauración que sirven los camareros en la propia butaca

El cliente pulsa el botón ubicado en su asiento para solicitar de forma inalambrica el servicio de camarero. El cine, ubicado dentro del Centro Comercial Plaza Norte 2, en la localidad madrileña de San Sebastián de los Reyes, reabrió sus puertas el pasado 17 de noviembre después de someterse a una profunda renovación. Cuenta con cuatro salas, tres con capacidad para 39 personas y una más grande en la que hay espacio para 108 espectadores. Entre las novedades que incorpora está su servicio de restaurante, elaborado por una cocina profesional, que un equipo de 20 camareros sirve directamente en la butaca del cliente. Se recomienda llegar entre 15 y 20 minutos antes a la sala para encargar la comida, bien en la propia butaca o en la barra. El menú va más allá de las tradicionales palomitas y ofrece una amplia selección de productos que uno difícilmente imaginaría consumir en un cine: tabla de ibéricos, hamburguesas gourmet o ensaladas, entre otras.

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Pulsayvoy en Hostelco 2018

Pulsayvoy en Hostelco 2018, un año más te esperamos del 16 al 19 de Abril en el evento líder nacional que reúne 11 sectores clave de equipamiento para la hostelería y que en esta edición se celebra conjuntamente con Alimentaria, en el que te mostraremos todas nuestras novedades y estaremos encantados de atenderte. Hostelco es la feria referente a nivel internacional en el sector de la hostelería.

Te esperamos del 16 al 19 de Abril  !!!

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