Wireless Signal Devices for Industry

The warning system that improves efficiency on production lines

Our product is an innovative alarm sending and receiving system specially designed for industries and warehouses. It is completely wireless, does not require any type of wiring or work.

It has a software for recording and statistics of the alarms received. The installation of the PulsayVoy system will facilitate production processes and substantially improve customer service.

We will now show you a list of the devices of which the system is composed:

Functional diagram

The Pulsayvoy system is an efficient wireless and portable alarm system that is easy to install and very cheap. It covers the entire industrial or storage area.

When the operator activates any of the system’s wireless accessories, such as the wireless button, emergency alarm, etc. the locator receiver alerts the factory or warehouse personnel by means of an audible signal and/or vibration.

The section, line, operator, or any other accessory number that has been programmed and that has generated the alarm will appear on the screen.

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