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PulsayVoy in front of the Covid-19

Our society is living a difficult time during the year 2020 caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, which continues to grow stronger in a second wave of outbreaks this summer, which makes the health sector is preparing again in the adequacy of its facilities and increase its qualified personnel.

Our wireless hospital warning system is specially designed for the prevention of risk situations, where at the touch of an anti-panic button we can alert the hospital security personnel.

Our system allows for clean, fast, economical and effective communication between doctors, nurses, assistants and the hospital control station. We give immediate and safe response in moments of high work pressure for our professionals, so that their objectives are met by limiting their exposure to the virus.

Professionals will always be in touch with our locator clock, which covers a wide range of applications adapted to each particular case. We implement the system in the facilities and give technical support to solve the needs of the hospital.

This is how PulsayVoy Hospitals works

  1. In the event of a risk situation, the staff of the centre presses the button located in an easily accessible place, within the consulting room, reception, common area, etc.
  2. The warning arrives instantly at the control station and the pager carried by the security personnel, indicating the number from which the alarm is being generated.
  3. The alerts are recorded in the alarm management software located in the control station.

We invite you to contact us and we will help you by giving you personalized advice and support.