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The Digital Charter: What are the benefits for your hospitality business?

Renobar: Secure communication of your products to your customers

The integration of the digital menu in hospitality businesses is a very necessary situation in today’s pandemic times, not only because of this situation, but also because you offer convenience and security to your customers, as well as value-added services, which we will list below.

The use of the digital menu is very easy and intuitive, both for your hospitality business and for your customers, as in addition to reducing the explanatory time of the products you offer, customers can have photos of these products in the palm of their hand in an interactive and accessible way.

The waiters’ job will be made much easier when it comes to explaining what each dish is like, as well as helping them to generate cross-sales arising from the customer’s desire to try new options.

Why should you include the Digital Charter in your business?

  • Because it is the trend of the future, and your customer needs it.
  • Because the amortisation of the investment takes between 1.5 and 3 months.
  • Because customers want to see the product they are going to buy.
  • Because sight is the most powerful sales tool in the world.
  • Because your turnover will increase proportionally to the benefit you get from the application.
  • Because you can share your profile as a restaurant in an unlimited way via internet, social networks and mobile.