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Wireless customer notification system

Queue management system with smartphone charger

The Pulsayvoy queue management system is a wireless, efficient and high performance system. The client receives a disk with a number assigned to his table, waiting room, seat, etc. When his turn comes, the disc vibrates and beeps to let him know that he can be served.

Each disc, in addition to having a strong and rigid outer casing that has passed hundreds of impact tests, is a hybrid device that in addition to being a locator is also a charger for Smartphones, so your client can charge his phone while waiting for his turn. Great, isn’t it? In addition, if one of the locator discs is out of range or comes out the door, the system warns with an anti-lost or theft alarm.

Wireless warning system with warning discs

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Devices that make up the warning system


By means of the main terminal we carry out in a very simple and intuitive way the call to the client when his turn comes, the assignment of numbers to the locator discs as well as the programming of the loading time for Smartphones of the locator discs and other characteristics.


The locator disk is given to the customer, assigning him a number. When his turn comes, he vibrates and beeps. It also tells the customer the remaining charge time for his smartphone. The maximum charging time is 30 minutes, but this feature can be modified to be more or less time.


The discs are stacked in the loading tower as they are delivered by the customers, so they are self-recharging and can be delivered again to a new customer.


Cada disco cuenta con una salida mini usb con conectores de carga para todo tipo de Smartphones: Android, IOS, Tipo C, etc. El cliente puede solicitar el cable correspondiente a su Smartphone.

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