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Restaurant waiter alerter

Increase the productivity of your business and reduce your customers’ waiting times with PulsayVoy’s waiter pagers.

Our waiters’ announcers make the work of supervisors, maîtres and waiters’ assistants much easier.

In addition to the quality of the dishes they are going to eat, restaurant customers are looking for personalised, careful and fast service.

With our devices we can create links in the different departments of our restaurant to interconnect them and simplify the work process as much as possible.

From the customers at the table and those waiting, through the waiters and managers to the kitchen and management, all sections can be connected and increase interaction and speed of movement and decision making.

With our table pagers, customers can ask us to replenish any of the products they are consuming and even ask us for the bill when they want to leave.

The kitchen and bar can be connected to the waiters and waitresses to alert them when orders are ready. We can even customise the alarms to call a specific waiter or bar manager.

With our customer queue alerter, we will measure the waiting times they have to endure in order to try to improve them and customers will know when their table or even their food is ready.

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